Monday, December 5, 2011

History of AwesomeSauce Games (Part 3, Klik n' Play)

     Klik n' Play was a simple game-creation tool for hobbyist.  Nowadays it's been remade into the programs Games Factory 2 and Multimedia Fusion 2.  If you want to make some simple games for fun, it's a good place to start.
     The games I made with Klik n' Play were an odd bunch.  Usually I'd just experiment and make things up as I went along.  With traditional programming, this could have been a huge waste of time ending in unusable projects.  Since Klik n' Play was so easy to use, I wasn't afraid to just have fun making games and start over from scratch constantly.
     I can only remember some of the games I made...

     "Stupid Monkey" - A donkey kong clone that eventually incorporated ninja. Gave it to a couple friends on a floppy disk.

     "Hi-Yah" - Inspired by the C=64 "Bruce Lee" and "Mortal Kombat", a gory martial arts platformer. Never finished, but the work-in-progress version was given to a couple friends on the same disk.

     "Space Worms" - Got this idea from a C=64 magazine, it was a space shooter like Galaga with dragons in space.  It was distributed on the same disk.

     "Universal" - Initially intended to be a point-and-click remake of my C=64 game "Xenophobia", but it turned into a more generic space adventure. Very short, very simple, only a couple hundred people downloaded it from AOL.

     "HellBoy" - as nerdy as I was, I didn't know that there was already a comic of this title.  Upon finding out, I changed the name to "HellQuest".  It had an art style like "South Park" and a story that was like a comedic version of "Spawn". I only uploaded the first 'episode' to AOL, not sure how many people downloaded it.

     That's all the games I can remember making (aside from experiments that never went very far).

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Robot Dogs vs Skeletons

     Gavin MacLean over at Lord Gavin Games has completed his new game, Robot Dogs vs Skeletons. It’s a free download, just follow the link.