Monday, December 5, 2011

History of AwesomeSauce Games (Part 3, Klik n' Play)

     Klik n' Play was a simple game-creation tool for hobbyist.  Nowadays it's been remade into the programs Games Factory 2 and Multimedia Fusion 2.  If you want to make some simple games for fun, it's a good place to start.
     The games I made with Klik n' Play were an odd bunch.  Usually I'd just experiment and make things up as I went along.  With traditional programming, this could have been a huge waste of time ending in unusable projects.  Since Klik n' Play was so easy to use, I wasn't afraid to just have fun making games and start over from scratch constantly.
     I can only remember some of the games I made...

     "Stupid Monkey" - A donkey kong clone that eventually incorporated ninja. Gave it to a couple friends on a floppy disk.

     "Hi-Yah" - Inspired by the C=64 "Bruce Lee" and "Mortal Kombat", a gory martial arts platformer. Never finished, but the work-in-progress version was given to a couple friends on the same disk.

     "Space Worms" - Got this idea from a C=64 magazine, it was a space shooter like Galaga with dragons in space.  It was distributed on the same disk.

     "Universal" - Initially intended to be a point-and-click remake of my C=64 game "Xenophobia", but it turned into a more generic space adventure. Very short, very simple, only a couple hundred people downloaded it from AOL.

     "HellBoy" - as nerdy as I was, I didn't know that there was already a comic of this title.  Upon finding out, I changed the name to "HellQuest".  It had an art style like "South Park" and a story that was like a comedic version of "Spawn". I only uploaded the first 'episode' to AOL, not sure how many people downloaded it.

     That's all the games I can remember making (aside from experiments that never went very far).

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