Sunday, January 29, 2012

To The Moon

"To The Moon" is quite a bit different that any game I've ever played before.  It's fairly linear, with the gameplay mechanics only serving to advance the story.  However, the story is so great that this is not a flaw at all.

You follow the story of two doctors, who use technology to transverse the memories of a elderly man on his deathbed.  Their goal is to change his memories so that he may live out his final wish, to go to the moon.

Speaking as someone who played this game in it's entirety the moment it was released, I can say that it was a pleasant surprise to find out exactly how deep and thoughtful the story is.  You can read the plot descriptions, watch the trailers, and try to guess what will happen.  You may think you figured it out, but your expectations will barely scratch the surface of what this game has in store.

Everyone owes it to themselves to play this game.  At very least, they should take advantage of the free demo.

Click here to see the official site