Sunday, April 1, 2012


     After releasing Nightmare House 2, Hen found the trailer and some WIP videos for a similar HL2 mod called "Underhell".  Upon contacting the mod director, MXTHE, he found that the project had been cancelled.  He urged MXTHE to not give up and continue work.

     With newfound motivation and support, MXTHE began work again.  I learned of the project through Hen and volunteered my services as well.  I wound up doing a little voice-acting, but almost nothing else. Unlike NH2, I am only one of several voice actors, so it's nice that there's a bit of variety there.  Most of the voice actors are better than me as well, so that's awesome.

     I'm still acting in the second installment (chapter 1), and my involvement is still about the same.

    The prologue puts you in control of Jake, a S.W.A.T. operative who's wife recently died in an apparent suicide.  The game is split into three parts.  First, you have the house, where you seek for clues as to what was going through your wife's head before her death.  Second, is the fast-paced action sequences in which you and your team fight terrorist as you track them across the city.  Finally, there's Jakes nightmares, which add physics and pattern-based puzzles.

     I found myself playing the action sequence and thinking it was rather long for a mod, only to complete it and find out that it was only the prologue.  I wasn't even on the first chapter yet, and last I heard this thing was going to have 6-8 of them.  Not only that, I was only 1/3rd of the way through to prolouge because I hadn't explored the house or nightmares yet.

     Chapter 1 is currently in production.  Obviously I will post an update when it is released.

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